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Have you noticed that videos now rule as far as rankings go in Google search results? If you are not using video marketing as part of your overall marketing plan and strategy the reality is you are being left behind.
Video serves as a very effective marketing method in the internet world.
Today, videos are widely used as a medium of promotion and advertising of a product. Videos are mainly posted on video submission sites like youtube, metacafe etc.

If you are looking to include video marketing as part of your online promotion, you should definitely use our team at as we will provide you with the best service. 


Short Video Intro creation:

These videos will have an incredible effect on your  website visitors. They will get their attention right away. The engaging music that accompanies these video provides an excellent feel and look to your website.
You can use these videos on your own website as short introductions to make your website more dynamic, interactive and professional. You can also use them to advertise your business or products on various video websites such as Youtube, Metacafe, Daily motion, etc…

Four easy steps to get your video  created:
1. Choose one of the 7 templates below:
Template 1
Template 2
Template 3
Template 4
Template 5
Template 6
Template 7

2. Make the purchase
3. Send me 5-10 short sentences that you want to appear on the video
4. That's it, I will create the video and send it to you usually with 24-48 hours.

For this service, you can not change anything in the template or the music. You can only  change the text.

Sample video:

Price: $24.95
Order Short Video Intro now
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Video Production/Creation service:

    * Production of a short promotional video.
    * watermarking the video with text promoting your product, website, or service. No voice over.
    * We will make custom niche specific videos based on any content you provide.
    * If the website you want to promote is already live all, then just send us the exact URL you want to promote.
    * If your website is not yet live please provide brief information around which you would like us to produce your video. This would be your 2 or 3 most important keywords or phrases.
    * We will create your video according to your specifications. You can provide the script, or we can write one for you.
    * Estimated time to complete: 3-10 days.

Sample video:


Price: $60
Order Video Production / Creation now
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60 Seconds Custom Made Video Web Commercial With Voice Over

Your Video Production Includes:

1.  Pictures, On-Screen Text Messages, Special Effects

2.  Background Music

3.  Professional Voice Over/Script Creation

4.  60 Seconds in Length

5.  Estimated time to complete: 10-15 days.

Sample video Commercial:

Price: $149
Order 60 Seconds Video Commercial now

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Video creation & distribution Package:

This offer is for a Complete Video Marketing Package. We will Produce, Distribute and Social Bookmark your videos on any topic or niche.

    * Production of a 60 seconds video promoting your product, website, or service.
    * Distribution of your video to top 100 video submission sites like youtube, meta cafe, google video and more.
    * We will send you a report when the social bookmarking of your video URL is completed.
    * Estimated time to complete: 3-15 days.

Price: $159
Order Video creation & distribution Package now

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Video Submission Service :

    * Video submissions is done Manually by trained staff members.
    * Submit your video to top 100 video distribution sites like youtube, meta cafe, google video and more.
    * All video submission sites are High traffic, SEO friendly, High rate of success, Known and Proven.
    * Our prices are highly competitive and the best in the industry.
    * Many of our video sites we submit have a high Page Rank and millions of visitors a month.
    * A detailed report of Video Submission sites will be emailed to you after submissions.
    * Estimated time to complete: 2-7 days.

Video Submission Guidelines

    * Size of the video can be of 2mb to 20 Mb.
    * Format should be AVI,QuickTime,Windows Media, MPEG, or Real
    * You should own the video given for submission or should have the rights to distribute the video
    * No pornographic, excessively violent, illegal, abusive or hateful content.  

Price: $65
Order Video Submission now

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If you would like any other custom package, please let us know and we will give you a quote.