On-Page SEO

On Page SEO

Without a doubt, for the vast majority of online companies, Organic SEO provides the highest possible ROI of all affordable marketing and promotional activities. Most webmasters do a great job building back links but forget on how to properly optimize their website.

Why is Organic SEO important? More than 80 percent of Web users find the sites they are looking for by using a search engines. Search engines drive extremely targeted traffic. The visitor who finds your site through a search engine is already actively looking for exactly what you provide. You can’t find a more targeted form of marketing than that. As the number of pages on the web grows, so do the number of pages indexed by the search engines. Several engines have moved from the millions of pages indexed into the billions. With this kind of clutter, high rankings are no accident. They have to be thoughtfully planned and executed just like the other tactics in your marketing mix. Our on page SEO service provides a complete solution of your website optimization.

On-page Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Service includes all the following:

Keyword Research Up to 5 Keywords: Keyword research, is the first step of a SEO campaign, and is not a simple task. On the contrary it comprehends careful study of a niche, and an exhaustive work for selecting the right keywords your site should be optimized for, as well as the selecting the right pages to optimize every keyword for.

Header Tags Up to 10 Pages: Another important on-page optimization factor are Header Tags. Search engine considers it mostly when indexing a Web page. Header tag is important for visitors also, since header tags tell both search engine and visitors what the content is all about.

Creation of Title Tags based on initial keyword research Up to 10 Pages: Title tag is the HTML tag used to define the text at the top line of Web browser. Title tag is the most important factor as it tells search engine what the page is all about. Based on the title tag, search engine crawl the Web pages.

Meta Tag Optimization Up to 10 Pages: Meta tags include title, description, keywords. The use of Meta tags must be relevant to your website. The Meta tag is placed at the top of the HTML in a Web page as a heading and it provides information like author, date of creation or latest update for the page and keywords which indicate the subject matter. Two most important Meta tag for search engine indexing are the keywords Meta tag and the description Meta tag. People may consider that Meta tag is the key that give good search engine ranking but it is not always true but it is worth mentioning that some search engine use Meta tags in ranking process as well as in displaying the search results.

Alt Tag Optimization Up to 10 Pages: Alt tag generally means the alternative tag. It is the HTML tag that tells search engine what the images are all about. Since search engines can not read text embedded in images, so alt tag tells search engines what the images are all about. In addition, alt tag is helpful for visually impaired individuals to understand the objective of images.

Anchor Text Optimization: Anchor Text is the visible hyperlinked text on the page. Google and other search engines heavily weight their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) towards the anchor text of links to a page. Anchor Text optimization will be deployed throughout your site to enhance the relevance of most of the web pages based on individual page content.

HTML Sitemap Creation: The first type of sitemaps is an HTML sitemap with links to the pages of your site. This sitemap is meant to help users find the information they need without browsing the entire website.

XML Sitemap Creation: XML site maps are used by search engines. They provide a road map for search engine spiders to find all of the pages you want the spiders to find and index. By submitting XML site maps to search engines, you have a strong chance of having your entire website indexed within just a few days, even for new sites – which is great for your organic SEO campaign. Search engines use specific tags and your XML site map needs to strictly comply with their specifications, and ours do.

Website analytic and Tracking Codes installed Up to 10 Pages: Using the stats we install on your website pages you will be able to find many valuable information about your website visitors, keywords leading to your site, search engine trends and much more.

  • Real time stats and online user count/list
  • Hourly, daily and monthly stats – with forecast and comparison charts to help you understand visitor trends
  • Referrer stats archived by day and month.
  • Statistics for every page of your site! You can track stats of your photo section or the article section. Such statistics enable you concentrate development to the most visited pages on your site!
  • Detailed information about visitors (language, Operating Systen, screen size, internet provider,DSL speed, etc.)
  • Detailed information about visitors location (city, region, country)
  • Fully detailed statistics of the last 20,000 visits! With referrer, complete page URLs and IP geolocation info.
  • Click counter service! You can count how many people downloaded files from your website. You may also use this information for your link exchanges!
  • Search engine trends
  • Advanced functions like ROI and visitors conversion
  • Visitor path tracking

Robots.txt file creation and optimization: When a search engine crawler comes to your site, it will look for a special file on your site. That file is called robots.txt and it tells the search engine spider, which Web pages of your site should be indexed and which Web pages should be ignored.

Suggestions on Content Optimization: We will analyze the content of your website and make appropriate suggestions if necessary to modify the content of your website, add more content, or rewrite the existing content to be more search engine friendly.

Price: $199

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