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First Page in Google. GUARANTEED OR YOUR MONEY BACK. NO Questions Asked!

We are offering a guaranteed SEO service for keywords with moderate/medium competition. 

Here is how to find out if your keywords qualify: Go to google.com and type the following in the search box:


If the results are under 200,000 your keyword qualifies for this offer. If the results are above 200,000 then the keyword does not qualify for this offer, but we can still do SEO and Linkbuilding for your keywords. However, there will be no guarantee offered for first page ranking.

Look at the images below to see an example keyword that qualifies for this offer:


Here is an example of a keyword that does not qualify for the first page rank guarantee:


Our Money Back Guarantee

First Page Ranking in Google will be achieved within 2 months (usually sooner) of receiving payment or we will give you full refund of your money.

What is required from you:

  • 5 Target keywords (Only 1 keyword is guaranteed first page on google, but you will get great ranking for the other keywords as well).
  • Your domain name. – Note: For domains that are less than 3 months old – our guarantee is 120 days.
  • We will NOT need access to your website hosting as SEO service and the link building campaigns we do are extremely powerful and enough to get your website to the first page of google.

What you can expect from this service:

  • Only expert white hat methods used. Your site's safety & future in the google index is never risked by using any questionable methods.
  • Communication will be swift.
  • High quality work and a good return on your investment.
  • Professional execution of work, as the entire operation is handled by a designated team who each know exactly what they are doing & are experts at it.
Rank on First Page of Google

Frequently Asked Questions

Why 5 Keywords?

We have had GREAT results with 5 keywords. Most, if not all the time all keywords will move up in the SERPs and of course we guarantee at least one of the keywords will get first page of Google.

What if I want first page not money back?

We will continue working on your site until you reach the first page of Google. The guarantee time frame is just our contract together. Once the time is over you can request a refund or have us keep working on the site until ranking is achieved.

How long does it take to get ranked?

We guarantee you will be ranked on the first page of Google within 60 day (60 days or less) or We will give you a FULL refund.

Can you rank highly competitive keywords?

Yes, we can. These keywords just take longer. If you think your keyword may be to competitive please contact us and we will check it out. – Please do not ask if we can rank you for keywords like "Google"!

Why don't you have any screenshots of successful Google listings from previous campaigns?

All of our previous and current campaigns are private. We do respect our client's privacy and do not want them to get spammed by messages from people who found this listing online. Our clients expect discretion. We will not share previous client's projects and/or results.
Our results are guaranteed with 100% money-back guarantee…You have nothing to worry about.

How long will my website stay on page-one of Google once it gets there?

Once we get a website to the first page of Google, it usually stays there for six months to several years or more. It all depends on the popularity and competition of the search keywords that we are targeting. One way to make sure that your website stays on the first page of Google forever is to take advantage of one of our followup SEO Maintenance programs.

Do you do offer this service for non-English language websites?
Yes, Sure. You will just need to send us the 5 keyword in any language and next to each keyword please type the word in english.

Can you rank adult sites?

No sorry, we do not provide services for Illegal, Pornography, Adult, derogatory language, casinos, gambling, some dating sites, pharma, drug related, prescription and similar sites, websites promoting hacking, hate or other questionable or offensive websites. We Reserve the Right to refuse service to anyone or any website we feel uncomfortable in promoting.


Contact us for a price quote.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all.

Rank on First Page of google money-back-guarantee